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5 Self care habits of successful women

We are becoming more and more aware of the time and care that we should invest in ourselves. In these busy and sometimes overwhelming times that we are living, self care is extremely important and here are 5 habits that successful women have:

1. Appreciate Alone Time

If you are always surrounded with people, at work or even your family, you know already the importance of having that time for yourself. Either if you meditate or just take a walk or read a good book, that alone time will always help you recharge and recalibrate, even if you are an extrovert and you enjoy spending time with people! This is an important habit for your self care and it makes wonders in the long run, so make it happen! Take at least 30 minutes every day and spend time with your best friend: yourself!

2. Exercise

This can also count as alone time, if you like running a couple of miles and clearing your head. There comes a time when we have to take care of our bodies more than before. Our body is the most precious thing that we are given in this world and we need to take care both of the body and our soul. You don't need to exaggerate and go daily to the gym as there is a measure in all, but taking care of yourself is essential in living a happy, successful and fulfilled life.

3. Learn to Say "No"

I am sure that we all have been in that position when we just couldn't say "no". From the desire to do more and not miss any opportunity, we may have had overwhelmed ourself with work or endless activities that just keep you busy. Learning to say "no" when you sense that nothing will come out of that or that you need time for yourself - the alone time - is a game changer. The sooner you realize that and start practicing, you will slowly turn your life in the dream life that you truly wish by doing only the things that you really love.

4. Let Negativity Go

We do get wiser as we grow, that is a fact and with this comes the understanding that some things really do not matter and while we couldn't help ourselves but clinging to some silly things in our youth, as we grow, we realize that that baggage is full of negativity and it only blocks our development and growth. The little things can be as toxic as the big ones and negativity can become a habit, keeping you stuck. It's very important to let it go and always open up for the future and for these greater opportunities that are just awaiting to happen!

5. Never Stop Learning

Great people always see life with the curiosity of a little child with that purity and even a small dose of naivety, because this is what keeps one young. We always learn and this process is so important for our body and mind. It unlocks your creativity and helps you see things or problems in different lights all the time. This helps you embrace life with a positive attitude! So, never stop learning! Take a class, experiment, open up a small business, create a blog, start something new and you will see how much that thing may change you! Open up and embrace the beauty that surrounds you every day!

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