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Becoming A Confident Woman

10 Steps to Becoming A Confident Woman

1. Trust Yourself And Your Decisions

2. Know Your Self Worth Do Not Allow People Define You Not Even Your Family Or Friends

3. Improve your appearance Groomed-polished-savvy-sharp

4. Being Positive Is A Choice And You Cannot Be Confidence And Negative At The Same Time It Does Not Go Together It Is A Definite Sign Of Unstable Behavior, Think, Act And Speak With Positive Energy

5. Maintain A Caring, Loving, Kind, Respectful, Compassionate Attitude

6. Do Not Be Fearful Fear Is Not From God The Bible Does Not Give Us A Spirit Of Fear 2nd Timothy 1:7.Fear Is The Devil's Weapon To Keep People From Accomplishing Their Dreams And Making Progress

7. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others Regardless Of The Circumstances

8. Read Self Development Books

9. Love Yourself

10. Take ownership of your life and be the best version of you



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