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Updated: Jun 1, 2019


Personal Accountability can make a big impact on your life. Personal Accountability Is A Mindset Of Personal Ownership And Responsibility. Personal Accountability Affects Your Behavior, Choices, Actions And Attitude, And Your Outcome With Your Life And Your Decisions. You Are A Product Of Your Decisions And Habits. Nobody Else But You. Take Actions And Stop Making Excuses.::

Personal Accountability Starts With You. You Should Make Accountability A Priority

How Are You Showing Up? Late, Poor Self Image,Bad Attitude,Poor Posture

Do People Take You Seriously? Because Of Your Accountability

Remove The Word I Can’t. Remove Negative Thought Patterns, Actions

Not Completing Task Like You Said That You Would

Are You Committed To Your Obligation

Benefits Of Personal Accountability

Less Stress

Better Relationships-helps You Get Your Life On Track

Builds Trust With People And If You Can’t Make It Or Do It Just Let Them Know In Plenty Enough Time And Have A Back Up Plan

Accountability Partner Reliable,

Truly Committed, Lead By Example What Are They Doing? What Have They Accomplished Or Achieved Don’t Select Someone Because They Are Your Friend Etc. I Need To See Your Results. Literally

Self Examination Own It

What Does Personal Accountability Mean To You?

How Personal Accountable Are You?

Who Are You Accountable To?

What Steps Are You Going To Take To Be More Accountable Personally?

Are You Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable?

Last Thoughts

I Encourage You To Have Desire To Change And Be A Better Person. You Have The Ability To Change And You Can Do Anything That You Want When You Set Your Mind To It. You Are Accountable For You Make Better Choices And Decisions, Because If You Don’t You Cannot be upset with the outcome when you didn’t do the work. so own it and be accountable for yourself.


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