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Build Your Success

You may hear from now and then of someone who becomes famous, almost over night, and you may really feel that this person has just been hit by a lucky strike and fame came knocking on her or his door. But we all know that what may seem an instant for most, is in fact a long period of time of hard work, dedication and concentration. Maybe years of sacrifice to get to this final goal and more than that: turning your actions into successful habits!

We are creatures of habits and even if you may feel stuck in a phase, to get rid of a habit takes between 7 - 21 days and that's it! If you can be strong enough in this time frame, you can quit even smoking. It's a very short time, if you think about it! And in this time frame you can also build any new productive habit!

You can even learn a new skill! We are so easily adaptable and if you are open, you can so quickly learn a new craft, get rid of an old habit, create a brand new healthy one and change your life, in no time. Building successful habits can take more time, but if you really want to pursue your dream, nothing can stop you! Only you have the power to reach to the stars, design your own life and go catch that dream of yours!

It's ironical sometimes how quickly can we change from one mood to another, from one state to another and how easily we also get stuck in situations. It's like we close all our windows and can't see the light! But you must know that the light is there and no matter what, you will find it!

Open your heart and don't be afraid to follow your dreams! Listen to yourself and start building the life that you wish! Only you have that power! Only you can create your future! The answer is simple: it's in these daily routines, the daily habits change you! The baby steps will lead you to your greater purpose and goal! Build successful habits and you will create your successful life!

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