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Effects of Abuse

The effects of abuse are psychological scars that last forever if treatment and or counseling is not received immediately after the abuse. The effects of abuse can often leave you mentally unhealthy, and also physically damaged.

Bruises, broken bones, black eyes, brain, and head trauma, trust issues, weight loss and or gain, depression, mood disorders, low self-esteem, nightmares, headaches, memory loss, fear of unknown, chronic pain, nervousness, extreme anger and irritation, insomnia, fatigue, emotional, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) risky sexual behavior, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. Everything that I have listed is closely connected to the after effect of abuse and I myself personally have experienced some of the side effects of living in a long-term abusive relationship.

I still have flashbacks, some scars will never heal, the abuse affected me mentally and physically, but I am grateful that I am still here to share my story and help others and just let them know that you can and will make it through this unbearable abusive situation.

Living with abuse hurts you not only during the abuse but also after the abuse sometimes long term, and sometimes short term. Counseling, support groups, local ministry, reading, is a great place to start the recovery process. Recovery is a process with no time limit just start the recovery process step by step day by day. Pick yourself up and take charge over your life and start your recovery process,

Only Jesus can heal the wounds left by abuse (Psalm 147:3). Sadly, many hurting people are waiting for the abuser to come repair the damage he caused. While it is good for the abuser to take responsibility and make amends to those he hurt, it is Jesus who grants peace to those in pain. He is neither unaware nor apathetic to those who suffer, especially children (Mark 10:14-16). That should give us pause, knowing we are accountable for the suffering we cause to others. The Lord Jesus cares for His followers and has laid down His life to demonstrate His love for them (1 Peter 5:7). He will most assuredly comfort, vindicate, and heal them (John 10:11-15).


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