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Embracing Letting Go

If you could change the outcome of your life and the choices that you have made would you? Is this really the job or career that you intend on devoting the next 20 years of your life to? Did you marry the right person? Was moving or relocating to a new city, neighborhood the right choice? Did you make the right choice to buy a new home or should have waited? Are you holding on to anything or anyone when you should be embracing letting go?

Letting go of expectations or anything that is not in our greatest highest good, or now only serves as a life draining machine is not really worth it. Are you happy, content and at peace with you and your choices?

Clinging and holding onto things that are surrounded by negative feelings and thoughts of our expectations not being met, it will prevent us from moving forward and cultivating a more positive future and life. That being said, the more we can let go emotionally and move forward when life doesn't go as planned, the happier and more content we will be long term.

How do you know when something or someone no longer serves you rather it’s mentally physically, emotionally or financially? A job, your career choice, relationships can you begin to embrace God’s destiny for your life and let go of certain things or circumstances that no longer serve you?

We all start out with a Perfect personal plan for our life rather it could be marriage, college plans, and family plans. We all have a fairytale of how we think our life should turn out, but what happens when it doesn't? Are you prepared to embrace letting go without looking back and or feeling guilty and forgive yourself? Can you or are you prepared to walk away from your perfect job or uncomfortable situations that causes a level of uncertainty and unfulfillment?

Give yourself permission to feel disappointed, grieve, get angry, or vent to loved ones. It is very crucial and important to allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgment, criticism, and self doubt. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you feel a natural emotional response and give yourself grace. .

Start with a plan and decide when you want to let go.

As you begin to embrace letting go, tell yourself what time frame you will allow yourself to feel this way, and when you will let go and move forward. Hold yourself accountable for your decision and decide to move forward with grace, patience and a plan. You have to have a plan, write it down and come up with a strategy. Make sure that you are praying, seeking wise Godly counsel, reading your bible and spending time with God.

Embracing letting go is not necessarily a bad idea or a bad thing in life. We all experience certain obstacles in life and we quickly learn through life that sometimes certain things just do not serve us anymore. Can you embrace letting go to embrace your destiny? Are you willing to walk away or take a few steps back to reevaluate and realize that some of your choices and decisions is simply just not it anymore or it has taken it course and you’re completely worn out

and simply exhausted, no matter how much you try to make it work or work through it, you know that it’s time to embrace letting go

Don’t make a decision based on your emotions because you are not thinking clearly. Your emotions are the deciding factor for you and when you are emotionally making choices and decisions based on feelings you’re creating a potentially bad outcome.

We tend to hold on to things that are not a part of destiny or God’s plan for us. We do what we have to do to get by, we all have to pay bills, take care of our family, pay for our health care expenses, meals, life necessities and much more. So embracing letting go is not always an option because we just don’t see how we can let go with all of life's responsibilities.

Remind yourself that letting go is a choice. Letting go is choosing not to allow what is bothering you to do so anymore. It is letting go of anything that no longer serves your best self , the best version of you and or your best intentions anymore..

Last but not least, it is so critical; to recognize and understand the positive impact that accepting and letting go can have on your emotional wellbeing and your life.

Letting go is hard for many people, and it takes time and patience just like everything else in life. The more we can let go and move forward when things do not go as planned, the happier and more peaceful and more content we will be.

Make a commitment to embrace letting go and to change your perspective, mindset and forgive yourself, come with a detailed plan, pray about it and start the journey of embracing letting go and walking in your destiny, and remember Letting go is a Choice.

Isaiah 43:18-19

18: Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past

19:See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

and streams in the wasteland