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Get out of your own way

As I was thinking about this topic, I really had to do an inventory of myself and I quickly realized that there have been numerous times that I needed to get out of my own way. I can also recall when I tried to do things my way and sometimes it didn’t work out as quickly as it would have if I would have taken a few steps back and Let go and Let God. I have had so many detours in my own life and had so many unnecessary set-backs only because I was trying to do what nobody but God could do, after I finally understood that everything changed for me drastically.

In this wonderful life there are many times when we feel like we have to fix the situation ourselves with no direction, prayer, and wisdom from God and I can almost guarantee that it’s not going to work out too well for you. You need God ordering your steps when you surrender and allow God to be the head of your life, everything will work out so much better for you and for your life.

Get out of your own head space, God grace and mercy never runs out and they are new everyday. Do the work and surrender yourself to God. He has great plans for you and for your life if you will just trust him and have faith.



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