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How to deal with difficult people as a Christian

We have all experienced difficult people and or situations in our life. As A Christian you cannot respond to difficult people the same way as other people respond even though you want to. Your job is not to treat them how they treat you, but to show them how to act like you which is a child of God. God is loving, kind, forgiving, gracious and merciful.

You have to show respect even to the un-deserving, selfish, rude, ignorant people. The way that you handle them can break them down and that is why you handle them with love.

There are at least four things that you can do to help you deal with difficult people and or situations.

1. Pray- Before you even respond pray. Pray for them and pray that God touches your own heart and that he intervenes in this situation. That is your first weapon and that is prayer.

2. Think before you respond- Do not respond defensively, your natural response is attitude and a quick verbal response. Difficult people are usually very emotional and over the top. Don’t take it personal, remember it’s not about you.

3. Do not retaliate- This is not a get back strategy, you have to have spiritual discipline and sometimes just simply walk away and it’s ok if nothing gets resolved you tried. You walk away, set boundaries and keep everything in perspective and be done with it. There are consequences when the problem never gets resolved, however that is still not an excuse for you to retaliate, keep quiet and walk away.

4. Remain Humble- God will fight for you, remain humble not prideful, you do not always have to get the last word. God will fight every last one of your battles if you allow him to and seek Godly wisdom and have spiritual discipline.

Do not allow people to frustrate you and make you lose focus. That difficult person is nothing more than a distraction. Walk away if you have to, because it’s not worth it. Getting the last word is not important.

Examine yourself, take care of you and your mental space, pray and accept that people have differences and maintain the right relationship based on what it really is and move forward peacefully and respectfully,

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