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How to make Prayer a Priority

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Day to Day Life Hussle dealing with children, school projects, sports, family, health, work, bills, and or prior commitments sometimes causes us to neglect the very most important thing that we should not neglect and should be a priority and that is prayer. We all struggle with life responsibilities in some shape or form but that is still not a reason for us to neglect prayer. Do not allow Prayer and spending time with God to get caught in the shuffle. Prayer is a Priority

I am a single Mom of three and when my children were younger just to be honest there were times when I wanted to sleep a little longer and or spend my free time doing other things that had maybe lacked my attention during the week. For example getting caught up on laundry which was always a struggle for me staying caught up on laundry washing, drying, folding, and putting clothes away was truly a struggle. Keeping the house clean was also a priority and at that time my children were younger.

Now I have 2 young adults and 1 teenager. So of course now my life load is lighter as far as motherhood and motherly house duties and laundry is definitely easier. Between cooking, cleaning, homework, appointments, activities, there was a season in my life when my life was hard and I had to make prayer a priority, even though I was tired mentally and physically, and I would often think to myself I cannot do this there is not enough time in the day for me to be at my best when my family totally depended on me. Regardless of how I felt or what I really wanted to do, I had to find time to make prayer a priority.

I had to make adjustments in my schedule and get a solid consistent routine that worked for me and my family house hold a routine that was attainable and something that I could maintain. I have always been an early riser for the most part, I would always get up usually before my children just so I could at least get in the shower and get dressed before everything got busy. I started getting up at least 30 minutes earlier just so that I could have my quiet and intentional time with God rather it was worship, prayer, reading my bible, listening to a sermon, journaling, everyday did not look the same, but I devoted 30 minutes daily to honor God and spend some time with him before I started my day. I made Prayer a priority.

I Made room in my busy schedule to get quiet with God and be intentional. Prayer is absolutely necessary and Prayer should always be your first response to every circumstance that occurs in your life no matter what it is. Pray so that you can bring his presence and blessing into your present reality. Prayer is communication with God to concentrate all of your thoughts, concerns, and problems with God.

1 Thessalonians 5: 17 Pray without ceasing

Here are three tips that you can do daily to make Prayer a Priority:

1. Set a Specific time to be spiritually disciplined. There is no specific amount of time that you have to spend praying or spending time with God. Be intentional about your time; rather it’s 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour, just make sure that it’s a priority and make room in your life For God, and Prayer.

2. Prepare beforehand EX; will you pray in the kitchen, downstairs, prayer closet, in your bed? It doesn’t matter the location just prepare get your bible, notes, journal, coffee/ tea just prepare as much as possible because remember you might only have a short amount of time and you don’t want to spend your time trying to decide where should i pray this morning, or I can’t find my bible and journal, where is my ink pen and highlighters, what should I make coffee or tea what flavor should i make all of these things take time and by the time you get everything together you have wasted time just getting prepared and then you are frustrated, distractions kick in and you decide well I might as well just go ahead and start my day because nothing is going right so far. Make sure that you prepare and have a plan so that you avoid all of the little distractions, and inconveniences.

3. Journaling what we are facing and dealing with daily is just to hard to talk about and pray about, so get a journal, notebook, and write your thoughts and prayer to God, it is just as effective,

I pray that these Tips and suggestions help you along your Prayer Journey. Many blessings to you, and please let me know and share your Prayer Journey how you decided to make Prayer a Priority in your life.

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