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How To Renew Your Mind

What controls your life controls your mind. Negative thoughts and self sabotage thoughts will eventually manifest in your new daily reality. You have to change anxious thoughts and limited beliefs , and Adopt the mindset of Christ and have a Godly mindset and Godly confidence.

I had to change my entire thought process and turn off the fixed mindset that I had resting in my mind and start embracing a growth mindset. I would believe the negative narrative that I wasn’t enough, I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t smart enough, nobody would listen to me or read my blog, or how about you’re just aren’t good enough. Those are the conversations that were on repeat in my head and for the longest I would believe them and after a while it wasn’t even about fear it was all about my mindset and what I believed. I had to adopt the mindset of Christ and I only believed what God said about me and his promises.


I had to detox my mind both spiritually and mentally and set my mind on things that are true, honest and pure . I started to saturate my mind with the word of God instead of culture and be transformed and renewed by the word of God.. I Started to change my language and what I listened to and be confident and hav

e Faith in the Word of God and his promises.

I have always loved to read and ever since I was a little girl writing always came so easy and natural to me. I would always make up short stories and I would journal about them. I had boxes and boxes of books and notebooks that were in my closet and under my bed and now that I am an adult and a mom, I finally decided to start my blog.

Even though I have had to start over simply because I wasn’t consistent and I was all in my mind with my thoughts of I wasn’t good enough and nobody would read it anyway and there are enough bloggers on the internet and people will not read yours so I have hesitated for a long time until finally I started believing only what God said and not my limited belief system or my self doubt, and I started writing again consistently rather it’s perfect or not

Here are a few ways that you can renew your negative mindset and also this is what helped me.

1. Take a Social Media and Internet Break

I Know social media is the only way some of us communicate, but it is doing more harm than good, especially when you are consuming so much negativity, gossip, and slander. Social media is not all negative but if you want to renew your mind you have to have balance and take a break from the world sometime and just focus on you.

.2. Focus on what matters the most

Shift your mindset and your surroundings to positivity and cultivate and atmosphere of joy and peace. Choose what you listen to and what you say and think. You do have a choice so be intentional about changing and renewing your mind.

3.Study your bible

Get into the habit or routine where you spend time with God and Study his promises if you don’t spend time and study God’s word you will continue to be lost and living with a cluttered mindset with thoughts that you can’t control or renew.

4. Memorize scripture

It shifts your mental direction and your thoughts. If you can get a scripture or two and focus on remembering it, so when you start to feel negative discouraging thoughts you can grab onto that scripture that’s in your heart as a gentle reminder that God’s promises are true and everlasting.

5. PRAY and PRAY some more

Prayer changes everything that is your direct line of communication to God who is always ready and listening to you. Take all of your negative thoughts

and habits, the Good, bad and ugly and give it to God. Prayer is your weapon and use it to fight off those negative, limited and beliefs and affirm God’s truth

Philippian 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

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