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Internal Limitations

What is internal limitations? Internal Limitations are beliefs that you place on yourself that prevent you from reaching your highest potential.

This internal roadblock is also known as limited beliefs. Limited beliefs will prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Internal beliefs can be very harmful to you reaching your full potential in personal, business, and social goals and growth.

When you are feeling like something on the inside of you is preventing you from reaching your full potential, you have to figure out what that internal limitation is and why? Sometimes you have to go within yourself no matter how hard or hurtful it can be, you have to deal with your internal limitation. The only thing that is stopping you is you.

I have had to deal with confidence, fear, self judgement, rejection, abandonment and personal setbacks that had caused me to have internal limitations. I stopped being so hard on myself and believing in myself.

I overcame my fear, confidence, personal and self imposed judgement issues by taking certain risk and just going for it without looking back. I started believing in myself and Trusting GOD and having faith knowing that I could accomplish anything as long as I Had God on my side.

I had unresolved issues that I never dealt with like bad relationships, divorce, rejection and abandonment issues. I felt unworthy and because of that I had internal limitations on myself until finally I decided to let go of the illusion and unwanted limited beliefs that I was dealing with and started to move forward with my life and my dreams.

GOD has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness but we have been limited because of the way we have been living, and because of our perception of His Kingdom.

We need to desire enlargement without limitations, and take decision that we don't want to live in a place of limitation in any area any longer in our life. ,

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