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Low self esteem

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

When I was dealing with low self esteem years ago, it wasn't necessarily about what I thought about myself, it was the fact that I was constantly told what I was or wasn't meaning negative words and negative behavior caused me to view myself in a very negative and less deserving and less worthy way. Low self esteem is a form of pride, now a very prideful person could talk down about a person to themselves appearing more or better than another person. Speaking for myself when I was living with low self esteem I thought very little of myself and at that time I didn't know what God thought about me I only had my own perspective and opinion.

Living with low self esteem caused me extreme sadness, withdrawals, fatigue, negativity, sleeping disorders, appearances and poor self image. I didn't know about rejecting or refusing to believe the way the world and or people viewed me was not GOD vision or opinion for me or my life, I had to start with liking myself and stop listening to opinions of other concerning me. I started to realize that anyone that belittles, disrespects, intentionally embarrasses another human being something mentally is definitely wrong with them and it's not about you, it's you being the target to make them feel better abut themselves so they constantly pull you apart to hide there own motives and short comings.

I had to start trusting myself take control of my mind and stop the self doubt. I started reading my bible spending time in prayer and going to church and living by GOD's truth because without GOD I started to realize that I wasn't living on a solid foundation. I finally started to believe that I was made in GOD's image and that alone gives me value and that alone was enough.

It is not wrong or misleading to dislike your flaws like your weight, your job, your relationships, but it is a problem when you let your flaws consume you instead of taking control and fixing the flaw. Low self esteem as a child is normal dealing with peer pressure, good grades, failure of a test, separation from parents, body image all of those things are perfectly normally as a child and or teenager it only becomes abnormal when you allow it to consume you and cause you to be mean, hateful and spiteful and eventually will lead to low self esteem if not recognized and dealt with in a positive encouraging supportive manner.

Always have a realistic view of yourself be thankful be grateful, love yourself be kind to yourself. Do not compare yourself to others, that only makes you feel worse. Nurture things in your life to build your self esteem, mind, body and spirit, nurture your character strengths and traits. Start believing things that are pure, true and honest. Allow Jesus to have control of your life and you will produce valuable works which glorify GOD. Jesus will hear your prayers and answer them. What Jesus says about you is true no matter what someone else says or thinks about you. When you grow and mature within yourself with the UNDERSTANDING of GOD's word and his truth and who you are in Christ you will eventually let go of wrong thinking and or any rejection from others you can and will rise above the "blues" and being on a emotional roller coaster of depression.



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