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Overcoming a Bitter Heart

As I was preparing to write about this topic, I honestly had to stop and consider if there was ever a season or period in my life where I experienced bitterness and or harbored bitterness and resentfulness in my heart and the answer was yes. There were seasons in my life where things that I planned or wanted didn’t go my way and sometimes it was my fault and sometimes I blamed other people. It could have been a promotion that I thought I deserved, divorce, death, family issues only to name a few.

Holding on to bitterness and resentment is the root that is within you and grows slowly. It grows from inside and is a bad emotion that will corrupt you and hurt you physically and emotionally. You only have so much emotional energy to sustain anger, resentment, and bitterness. Our physical bodies and mental capacity does not have the ability to harbor all of these emotions.

At some point you have to take responsibility for your life. The person that you resent is not even thinking about you, they are somewhere or with someone living their life not even considering you or what happened to you. Bitterness spreads like a rash. Don't live a life full of bitterness, anger, and resentment, learn to control your emotions. You have to do the inner work and get to the root of your bitterness so that it won’t corrupt you.

Process your feelings, seek counsel and do the inner work don’t continue to play the victim and allow the situation to have control over your life, no more self pity. Let it go and move on. Get busy with your healing process, let it go and move on and start to walk in your purpose and your destiny.

Focus on your personal development. You can’t stop life from happening to you but you can choose how you respond. Don't’ continue to let that situation control you and your happiness. The people that hurt you cannot stop your destiny and God’s purpose for your life.

Ask God for help to help you release the bitterness, hurt, and replace it with Joy, Love, Peace ,and to feel your heart again with Love and forgiveness. God knows how to make it up to you and he will do just that if you allow him to. All you have to do is just Ask, and he will restore and heal all of your anger, hurt, and bitterness.

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