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Overcoming Unforgiveness

How many of you would rather drink a bottle of vinegar than forgive the person that did you or someone that was very close to you wrong? Let me be the first to admit that person was once me and believe me when I tell you that the entire long bumpy road and yes it was bumpy, there were potholes, mud puddles and everything else that you could possibly think of and it was a long process. Unforgiveness is very hard especially if something happened more than once, and as a result we tend to suffer in silence and that is exactly where the problem starts.

Unforgiveness has consequences. It is such a bitter and nasty deep-rooted problem that has a very bad toxic effect on your relationships, friendships, job, social life, your heart and mind and it will hinder your capacity to have healthy relationships. You will be out of balance with everything in your life, always angry, frustrated, sick, and mentally exhausted.

I am finally free, my mind and my heart are so full of joy and peace. My journey or should I say my path to adulthood and even after I became a mother, wife, divorcee, I had to deal with a lot of hurt, deception, manipulation, lies, disappointments, set-ups, set-backs, and basically some of the people that I thought were supposed to love me didn’t. The people that were supposed to stay didn't, instead they left.

I had so much resentment and un- forgiveness in my heart the burden was eventually too much for me to continue to bear without me having to suffer the consequences especially physically and emotionally. I was too tired and weak to keep holding on to the past and the people that caused my heart to be so hard. I was so guilty of not letting go.

Why should I hold on to the pain, and hurt when all of the people that caused it had gone on with their lives and not even considering the damage that they had done to me, they were living their best life all happy and content.

I finally had a well made up mind and I was sick and tired of holding on to the pain, depression, sadness, and overall just not being my best and giving myself the opportunity that I deserved. I owed it to myself to forgive, be free, and let go, and I haven’t even thought about looking back.

Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

I want to encourage you today to start the forgiveness process and I promise you that you will not have any regrets. You owe it to yourself and you definitely deserve it. If you need help and the pain and or trauma it’s too difficult to bear alone pray and ask God for guidance and direction ask God to help you heal your heart and mend the broken pieces and God promises to never leave you or forsake you all you have to do is ask that is exactly what I did and that opened my mind and heart to do the inner work, pray, and seek therapy.

I am so overjoyed that I did and I have absolutely no guilt, anger, frustration, or unforgiveness anywhere in my soul. I am at peace mentally, physically, and emotionally, and you will be to just Trust God and Trust the Process.