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personal and godly accountability

I never knew the importance of Personal and Godly accountability growing up. My mother always held me accountable for not cleaning my room or not finishing my homework. The basic typical teenage and young adult scenarios. Even Though she was training me to be a responsible and dependable woman it wasn’t a big deal to me, because i was a teenager. As I got older and realized that if you don’t have accountability it could make you or break you literally. After I was a little older and started dating, and becoming my own woman i started to notice that some people had little or no accountability. I was surprisingly shocked at the lack of accountability that individuals displayed with their actions and behavior. I started to learn and observe more and more the importance of accountability. Nevertheless I was nowhere near perfect even though my Mother instilled those traits in me, sometimes I still messed up and sometimes i messed up really bad. I had to live and learn through trial and error with always having the intention to be a better person for myself and others.

When you are a Christian everybody have high expectations of you and you are held accountable for your actions, attitudes and your choices. God holds you accountable and the way you live, act and carry yourself matters. When Jesus returns you will be held accountable for your actions and for whatever he has entrusted you with. God has entrusted each and every one of us with talents, spiritual gifts, skills, relationships and his Godly word, God wants and expects you to utilize your God given abilities no matter how big or small. Be accountable for what God has blessed and entrusted you with, honor God and honor yourself. We are created in his image so if he created you honor him and be the example, be the leader, mentor, speaker, teacher, singer, cook, minister or whatever Godly talents and gifts that he have blessed you with.

Sometimes in the ministry you are quickly judged with or without cause. Some lessons are learned and some lessons you never learn because no one has ever taught you, so therefore either you learn the hard way or you are judged and set apart because you are not doing it there way the christian way. Accountability is a very important aspect to your life. People will dismiss you in the ministry if you are not accountable. It Does not make it right or biblical but it is a reality, You are judged, talked about, and sometimes left standing alone. If you are lacking accountability and need help start praying to God and ask him to strengthen and empower you to be a better person, and help you in the areas of your life were you need to be strengthen. Trust me he did it for me and he will most definitely do it for you.

Personal accountability is a mindset of personal ownership and responsibility. Life is about accountability. You will not get far in life if you are not accountable and if people cannot hold you accountable. Personal accountability affects your behavior, attitude, life challenges, choices and decisions. You are a product of your decisions and choices.

Personal accountability starts with you. . How are you showing up? Always late, poor self image, bad attitude, poor posture, unprepared. What are you doing with your God given talents and abilities ? People hold you accountable for your actions and your attitude.

Be committed to your obligations be accountable to yourself, GOD and others.

Here are a few tips to assist you with Personal and Godly Accountability:

Be Committed to your obligation

Be present and on time

Utilize your gifts and talents with others share your knowledge and skills

Be selfless

Value your time

Be mindful

Improve your weaknesses

Write down everything

Be accountable to yourself


I encourage you to have the desire to be a better person. You have the ability to change and be a responsible and committed individual. Set your mind to it, get focused, and be intentional about your life Own it, be accountable and do the work and the reward will be much greater personally and spiritually.


True Confessions of a Christian

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