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Self Control

Your lack of self-control is dangerous to your well-being and can have adverse effects to your health, family, career, and overall well-being and can have consequences that are hurtful and or harmful.

Do you have self-control over temptation’s, food, relationship, attitude, your mouth, and uncomfortable circumstance?

Having self-control is valuable to your life. You have to be disciplined and have personal resilience over your behavior, attitude, and circumstances. No matter what is going on around you, you still have to have self-control and be aware of your actions, and behavior.

I have listed 5 suggestions to help you overcome and attain self-control of your life and or situations.

1. Avoid Temptation- The devil hides in the details, Who or What is tempting you? How do you feel when you are around certain people rather it’s family or friends? Are you in control when you are dealing with a confrontational moment? You have to protect your space, mental health, and be aware of your surroundings. Get rid of All distractions, and know your weaknesses. Stop allowing other people to get you upset.

2. Forgive yourself- Pray, Focus, let it go, and move forward. Keep your eyes on the main thing and keep thriving to have self-control over your life.

3. Prioritize- If you are feeling overwhelmed simply make a list of your top 3 goals that have to get accomplished in a certain time frame and only focus on the top three. Make a list set your goals and focus on the most important step. Prioritizing task will definitely help you feel like you are in control instead of feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and mentally exhausted. When you start feeling like that just step away for however long it takes and then start again.

4. Exercise- Control your appetite, nutrition, and your overall health. You cannot eat cookies, cakes, junk food all day every day and possibly think that you are going to be in control of anything. Exercise frequently you can participate in yoga, cardio, weight training, swimming, walking. Try to make a conscious decision to exercise it helps to release endorphins, frustration, anxiety, and depression.

5. Confidence- Trust yourself, be the CEO of your life. Master being the best version of you strengthen your confidence and have self-control over your life.

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