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Updated: Mar 13

I believe that we all, including myself, had or have a point or two in our lives where we experience fear, especially now. Just look at the news, people's attitudes and all of the adversity and division that is going on around us on a daily basis. For some of us it is our daily reality rather in the workplace, in our home, family, church are all of the above.

I can speak for myself because my life has changed it almost seems like since the covid era and the lockdown life, things have just been a little off between inflation, crime, death, and confusion to name a few sometime you struggle with your faith and as a Christian you try to keep going and pray, trust GOD, have faith, walk by faith, fear not, all of that and more,

Society expects Christian to be strong 24/7 with no fear, no feelings and walking around like we are unbreakable and that is so far from the truth. I know that I am a devout Christian and I hurt and sometimes I am fearful.

Yes I believe and Trust God however there are times knowing what I know and having such a strong faith Fear is still relevant. People say well that’s a spirit you can’t be A Christian and be fearful, and I beg to differ, Fear is not my lifestyle, nor is fear a daily way of thinking, but there are some things that have happened rather around me or in the world that will cause me to have a moment of fear, and that is when I have to stop, pause and pray and read my bible.

I know that God does not give us a spirit of Fear but of love, power and a sound mind because God is in Control Of all things regardless of the media, people, and inflation, no matter what we are surrounded by and protected by GOD! and we are safe in his arms.

We have to learn how to speak peace in our situation and in our mind. Because sometimes our mind will run races in our brain that we didn’t even show up for. We need to Focus on the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God now. We are definitely in the season where we need to Pray more and read our Bible more. We have to go before the throne and stay humble, seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness because he will provide, and he will protect us from all evil.

I encourage you to read Psalms 91 whenever you get discouraged, and or worried. God will give us the Grace and strength that we need and desire not to be Afraid. He will protect us from the evil one and give us the boldness to fight against all evil. We can live in fear and be subjected to the spirit of Fear under any circumstance. If you have a fearful moment, pray and seek the lord and he will give you a spirit of peace. You are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ , God is our shepherd and your Prince of Peace he will protect you.

Psalms 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation

So why should I be afraid?

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