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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

1. Get out Bed

When you lay in your bed your mind and your thoughts will start playing tricks on you. Do not just lay in the bed all day with your thoughts and feeling sorry for yourself rehearsing your life story .

2. Pray

God knows all and he sees all, you can always talk to God. God is waiting on you to ask for healing and deliverance

3. Watch something funny or go to a comedy event

Laughter is good for the soul literally sometimes you have to laugh instead of crying. Watch your favorite TV show & or movie. If you cannot attend a comedy show you can always watch a comedy

show on Netflix, Hulu, etc...

4. Get out of the house

Leave the house and go around other people, grocery store, park, mall, church go where there is movement and noise. Interact with other humans if you are able to.

5. Clean and declutter your home , car, workspace

Junk & mess will have your mind feeling cluttered and overwhelmed clean and throw away all past memories that could be linked to you feeling depressed and or discouraged.

6. Clean yourself up

New hairstyle, makeup, new outfit, pedicure, manicure. Love on yourself and do something for your self that makes you feel good.

7. Nurture your body with vitamins & healthy food choices and


Fruit, vegetables, supplements, and smoothie’s,

8. Interact with real-life human beings

Hollywood actors and your high school crush are not your support system. Get in a local support group or online support group.

9. Learn a hobby or work on your craft

What do you like to do or what is something that you want to focus on?

Learn and work on your craft & your skills

10. Meditate, Affirmations, Reading, Prayer Journaling

There Is no rule book to how many times that you can meditate & pray daily. You can pray & meditate whenever you feel led to or until you feel better daily. Meditation & prayer is good for you mentally, physically & emotionally. Affirmation helps with your confidence I AM is a powerful word.

Depression Is nasty & ugly it makes you feel and look defeated and like there is no hope. Don’t suffer in silence and don’t be ashamed because you’re not the only individual battling with depression Get up and get it together, you will win you can beat depression and be 100% healed and whole again. I did it and so can you.