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Who am I? and who Am I becoming all these years mostly all of my life, I have been this person that everyone created me to be or and their opinion, perception, and attitude towards me. I started to become someone else not even truly knowing who I was in the first place or why I was having some of the problems and issues that I was having as a woman, wife, mother, and divorcee.

I had to put on all of these different masks and the funny thing about these masks none of them never fit. I ended up becoming an adult with many flaws. I had rejection and abandonment issues that led to depression and codependency as an adult. I had it all together on the outside but was dying and suffering on the inside and I never knew or understood why. Believing that you are one way your entire life to later to discover that you are someone totally different was not something that I was prepared or able to do on my own.

Rejection and Abandonment had labeled me internally and I didn’t know why nor did I even understand why. My only question was why is something wrong with me. The only way I was able to figure everything out was with a lot of prayer, therapy, self-development books and of course reading the bible. That helped a little I was able to get some answers and a little clarity but I still felt less than and I still felt bad on the inside. I had to get to the root and core of the problem and try to get some questions answered and get to know and learn my self rather it meant discovering the truth about myself and no matter how bad it hurt or disrupted my whole life I was prepared and willing to embrace this journey of WHO AM I.

Please continue to read and support my other blog Posts that will be titled WHO AM I as I uncovered the truth of WHO AM I. and they will be posted every Monday as I discuss every phase and every step that launched me forward to the woman I am today.


True Confessions of a Christian

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