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Your Words Have Power

A single word can be the difference between victory or defeat. Your story and your life are made up of words that can possibly heal you or destroy you. Your words to yourself and to others are meant to make life and relationships better.

Your words should encourage and bring hope and empower those around us. What is in your heart will come out in your words rather than rather you are angry or not and before you know it your words will become your reality.

Almost everyone is currently going through a challenging time or has previously gone through a difficult time. Stay away from the hurtful and disrespectful words. Tame your tongue and your attitude and be a little more sensitive and kinder.

Speak life over yourself and others, death and life are in the Power of the tongue

(Proverbs 18:21) Make up your mind today that I will only speak positive words and affirmations, and think positive. I will encourage others and I will also encourage myself.



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